Friday, June 6, 2008

April 30th 2008

Annapolis. a crane erector was killed while dismantling what appears to be a Pecco 280 or 400 tower crane. The erector was crushed between the queens post and the round tube lacings directly behind it on the inner jib.
The process of pulling the outer pendants upon dismantle requires the use of a come-a-long. The come-a-long chain can be seen to the right and above the white crane boom used to lower the rescuse basket. In the process you eventually pin off the queens post to prevent it from moving via plates. It would appear that the erector placed himself in the "bite" between the queens post and lacing. Without any information to back this up, I would wonder if the come-a-long either failed or went to nuetral while the erector was in this poor position. The weight of the sagging pendants behind him easily could have starved the man for air while attempts were made to relieve the pressure.
We have to remember that failures happen. When I got into iron work I was taught to always remember to plan my escape route. You have to look at everything as if it is going to fail in order to keep yourself safe.

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