Friday, June 6, 2008

December 28th 2007

Saigon Six injured due to a climbing accident.

Update: 10.27.2010

I've found information on the accident recently due to Google improvements. The crane was an inverted jib, which makes me read, old crane. Krolls and Lindens were known for having the inverted jib. The crane was a total loss as it came down and injured six people. The jib was strewn across the street having crashed into motorcycles and over the building that it was working on. Additionally it took out the power lines in the area which must have been a mess because like many developing countries the poles have a plethora of lines on them.

The crane itself was 100 meters tall with 45 meters of boom. It was working on getting at least 22 stories on the building. It sounds as if the building was scheduled to open in the Spring of 2008. Link

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