Tuesday, July 29, 2008

June ? 2008

Voronezh Russia, Tower crane on traveler tips with the cab tilting and ejecting the operator even though the crane did not fully collapse. The operator was a woman which may be a first for this blog.
I would ask two things... how many cross base cranes have we lost in the last few years, and are we balasting them enough? Age may have no bearing on this accident, but how old is this crane? Why is the civilized world running cranes this old? The engineering on the size of the base is beyond me, but it seems that shock loading may not be taken into account when designing these bases. I've seen modern cranes on outriggers get light on the outriggers due to light shock loading on a self-erector. Adding balast or five feet of spread seems like it would be easy enough to get away from pushing the envelope.

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