Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25th, 2008

New York, NY Two tower crane erectors are being charged in the death of the erector that fell 400+ feet to his death earlier in the month. The group was working to remove the walkway between the building and crane.
The deceased is the brother-in-law of the brothers that have been charged. Apparently in the removal the men charged had decided to remove the handrail on the walkway. The handrail was a part of the structural support for the walkway and sounds like it was a cause in the walkway becoming unstable. the result of the unstable walkway was the falling of the erector.

My comment: I understand that he was on a walkway. If the group is removing handrail, whether it's structural or not, why is it that the entire group is not tied off to a 5,000 lb point? He had a harness on, why not use it. I don't know that a person can honestly be charged with stupidity. I agree with removing their license to erect cranes, but any other charges are on shakey ground. The claim is that they killed their sisters (assumed sister) husband with malice or disregard for human life? My first reaction is the three of them didn't have the brain power to keep themselves safe. Vo lenti Nonfit injuria... to those who are willing, no harm be done.

I originally saw this article on and you see the full article there.

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