Monday, December 29, 2008

December 29th 2008

New York NY,

The corruption problems in New York continue. Those of us in the US know that Chicago and New York are largely run by those whom have no respect for ethics. Yesterday's story of Michael Carbone having been an employee of James Lomma then making decisions about the suitability of repairs performed by him is an example of questionable ethics. I would suggest that in a case where an engineer (Bethany Klein
 has raised a question in regards to the performance of a repair, the final decision on the repair should be made by someone without ties personally or professionally to the person or company that will be impacted. It's possible that Mr. Carbone was acting as ethically as he knew how, but this is exactly why judges recuse themselves. New York not only needs an overhaul of it's crane and elevator programs, it needs an overhaul of all of it's ethics. The nepotism is rampant and now resulting in the death of people.   

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