Monday, March 9, 2009

March 8,2009

Jalan Bangsar Utama, Malaysia A crane working on the 22nd floor suffered a load line failure causing the crane to fall and two workers were killed.

The story doesn't specifically state that this was a tower crane nor does it show a picture of a crane. Given the 22 stories and the planned continuing to 38 stories I am inferring that we are talking about a tower crane. Hoist cables are complex machinery and need to be inspected. regularly. The sentiment that it "suddenly" failed is often not the case unless it was the wrong cable in the first place. I've spoken to many operators whom have never even been on the jib of their crane. How are they lubing the rope from the tip back? How are they inspecting the rope? On a hammer head riding an available trolley basket is the easiest way to get a decent view of the rope. Often to inspect a jib I'll have the operator trolley to the tip, then I can walk the structure reviewing it, the trolley ropes as they sit, and verify outer trolley limits. Then I'll ride the basket back slowly so that I can see the loadline as close as possible since it normally sags up to 15 feet down.

Inspect your ropes. 20 minutes can save a life.

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