Friday, April 10, 2009

April 2, 2009

Qingdao City, China Tower crane collapsed last week that I am just now catching. The article is light on content. The picture on the top with the platforms is a climbing section. I don't know that it was being used but the number of the dead suggest that it may have been in use. One operator and four guys on the climber would be very common. The top tie in is demolished as well which does make me ask why? Most climbing accidents happen due to a bad move by the guys climbing the crane. Is it possible that we have a structural failure on the tie in say at the building? Of course I don't know, it's just a question. The tower having broken right at the collar could suggest there there were no internal braces used. The collars put a tremendous amount of stress on the tower, squeezing it and creating a fulcrum point. Most manufacturers use braces internally to resist those forces by pushing back out.
Interesting pictures with a total lack of information. China news... Crane parts fell.... 5 dead... Qingdao City China.

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