Monday, June 15, 2009

May 21,2008

Atlanta, Georgia - I learned today of a tower crane accident that didn't make national news during the rash of accidents in the US last year. A Liebherr 420 was being prepared to be climbed on an Atlanta jobsite. The collar appears to have been installed and the climber mounted on the tower. During the process the climber freed up and fell 70 to 240 feet (conflicting reports) to the building below. If you go to this link and watch the vid you'll see the end of a strut sitting on floor as if the bolts were all sheared off at the splice plate. There was a person on board the climber during the fall and they managed to survive with multiple injuries.
The details are few and far between. Hopefully details will be released at some point so that we can all learn from the problem(s) that lead to this accident and prevent it from happening to us.

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