Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 17th, 2009

A Self-Erecting Truck Tower Crane toppled this week in Switzerland. Storms and heavy rains were reported and the ground does appear to be wet. I also look at this photo and see poor soil conditions for setting up a crane. The ground clearly isn’t level, but I can only assume that the properly leveling of the crane was addressed. Something that simple isn’t happening is it? I wish that the picture was taken from a little further back so that we could see if there was good cribbing (dunnage, mats) or not.

It’s not often that we see Self-Erecting Truck Tower Cranes go over. They are a great piece of equipment, but the operators need to be aware of all of the same problems that come on both the tower cranes and truck cranes.

There were no reports of injuries in this accident.

I found the last two stories on It's a great site and magazine (Crane and Access) that keeps track of trends in the industry. Based in Europe, they sometimes find stories that my normal alerts miss.

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