Monday, November 23, 2009

November 21, 2009

Maunawilli, HI A self erecting tower crane that appears to be a Potain IGO 50 tipped this weekend landing on an occupied Jeep. Fortunately the two occupants lived apparently thanks to the roll bar. I would add also that and IGO 50 is a very light crane.
Hawaii has NCCCO requirements. The operator should be certified in tower cranes. Soils are a common problem for self-erectors. Hawaii has very solid ground under what is commonly a thin layer of Red Clay. Simple outrigger pads would generally be all that is needed.
In the video on this link to the news story, Ms. Oswalt notes that the workers screamed "No, No, No" and said that the "... almost killed you." The pictures are certainly inconclusive so far, but hopefully I can find more in the coming days. I would be very curious as to the potential of this being human err.

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