Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16th, 2010

Regensburg Germany, A Self-Erecting Liebherr K Crane tipped slightly injuring one worker. The crane tipped at the base and does not appear to have any structural causes in the super structure. From the translation of the story I'm not clear as to whether or not it was caused by overload but it does sound as if they were bucketing concrete. As a cause of Self-Erectors going over, this seems common. Does anyone set moment limits anymore? Check them with a known weight and tape if need be? I would hope that's standard practice.

The base of the crane is only seen in a video from this article. Hitting the pause only gives a better view of the base and it's still not a good view to see if there was a failure there. It sounds as if the crane was placed up on concrete, so the only question there is was there enough padding to spread the load if it were thin concrete?

There was a fourth accident in the last two days that I am now trying to hunt down. Vigilance gentlemen... don't get lulled back to easy street because the market has slowed down .

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