Wednesday, July 14, 2010

September 15, 2005

Dusseldorf Germany, A Self-Erecting Tower crane suffered a structural failure of the jib during the crane erection. No one was injured and only traffic as caused to jam afterwards.

Self-Erectors are difficult to properly inspect when they are not yet erected. Some of the points are hidden from inspection due to how they are folded. Most parts are readily visible, but occasionally, even a flashlight and a small mirror won't help. I walk the jibs of Self-Erectors after they are set up because of the in ability to inspect it all when folded. Occasionally other strange issues develop too that you won't notice until you walk one of these jibs. Given the size of the crane, it's a little exciting at times because merely walking on these jibs can cause a couple of feet of oscillation. Few things make you wonder about the integrity of the crane like walking a self- erector. Link to more photos

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