Friday, October 8, 2010


Heidelberg Germany Maybe the earliest photos of a tower crane accident. I've hesitated in posting this accident before because I'm not sure of what this crane is that is down. It's clearly from 1955 and from the Heidelberg Water Authority. It's clearly a bottom slewer on rails. The rails are not secured against the torsional moment induced by the crane because they have slid all over the place. But from the pictures, I can't tell if this is technically a derrick or a tower crane. If the boom mounts at the base, I'd call it a derrick. if it mounts up above, I'd call it a tower crane. Either way, it's very early and the crane in the background appears to be a Liebherr TK10 on the same rails.
As a learning note, the rails should be secured well enough to resist the torsional (twisting) moment of the crane. These rails shifted significantly indicating that this was a serious problem, if not the cause of the accident. Interesting photos either way! Link to the orignial.

Turmdrehkran Unfall

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