Wednesday, October 27, 2010

August 11th, 2010

Sukhumvit Soi, Thailand This story comes from a personal blog and is understood from a translation, but here it goes. A tower crane operator decided that he wanted a energy drink. So he had the guys on the ground put one in a bag for him. The story has describes the operator as agitated or irritable. He sends the hook down without worrying about it being under control. The guys on the ground place the drink in the bag and the operator immediately begins to hoist up. As he was hoisting up, he hung up on some scaffolding. Since the crane was small he soon became overloaded and the jib failed.

With a modern crane, the computer, moment rails and or hoist limits would shut down the crane. The crane being used clearly isn't modern. Likely, it wasn't being maintained properly. So as the operator hoists up quickly, instead of shutting down at 100% of the available load with another 50% before failure should happen, the crane simply failed, and collapsed killing two and injuring 3 others.

The operator was clearly in the wrong. You aren't clear of obstructions, so what are you doing hoisting up? You have people under your hook and you can't give them the courtesy of sending them a stable hook? You didn't pack for the day properly so others must suffer your wrath? What kind of training did this operator have? He knows that he was in the wrong. He ran from the job site and was being looked for by the police. I would think that he would have been safer with the police, but I don't know Thailand. He killed two people over a energy drink. Yikes. Link to blog.

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