Wednesday, October 13, 2010

August 20th, 2010

Nizhny Novgorod Russia, a Hurricane blew through blowing a crane over and into a home damaging it. Also damaged was an apartment building. If you have an event like a hurricane as a once in a life time event for where you are, then maybe the accident is understandable. Clear all humans away from the crane as the storm approaches and if it fails, we can always fix wood.

The operator was killed in the collapse. How could an operator be killed in a hurricane? What was he waiting for? If it were a Tornado with much less warning, as soon as you saw it coming wouldn't you cut the load free, weather vane the crane, get down and get away from the crane? Are you really hoping to make a pick or two when the eye of the storm passes over? I don't understand it. Link

аварии башенного крана, крах башенный кран

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