Friday, October 8, 2010

June 22nd, 2010

Nanchong, China A tower crane collapsed killing two and injuring one. Link The accident appears to have been a climbing accident where the mast failed. When I zoom in on the picture (certainly is grainy as I don't have CSI enhance capability) I see what appears to be a gap between the mast and the turntable with a climber in between.
Generally when you climb a crane, it's to be balanced. There is a rocking back and forth as the hydraulics push at a slight angle on most models. but the amount of overturning moment induced on the tower should be minimal and certainly not enough to cause the tower to buckle. It should be vertical loading almost exclusively.
The cause of the buckling, being unbalanced, wind, or improperly adjusted rollers (some older models had rollers that had to be adjusted on each climb) are my primary suspects here.


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