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October 6th, 2010

Seoul Korea, I think that we have at least two cranes involved in an accident with two people dead. I have found video of the site, but it only leaves me with questions. The Video is slow to load at this site, but it will get there. This screenshot, at the top of the blog, is from another video that I couldn't get to load and it shows a crane that appears to have collapsed at the turntable. Assuming the timing of the videos are similar, and they are according to the dates loaded, it would seem that we must have had one crane collapse at the turntable, fell, and in the process struck the other tower crane boom.

The immediate reports are that this is a Comedil flat top crane and the Cat Head bolts are to blame. The suggestion according to the translation of the article is that the bolts should be periodically replaced. There seems to be questions about the type of bolt used and the manufacturing of them. Admittedly, this is from a terrible translation. You can read the article here.

I don't have a Comedil manual on hand to verify whether or not those Cat Head to Turntable bolts must be changed out each time. If they do, well, you should, obviously, change them out. The type of bolt that I'm used to seeing is of the same finish and visually appears to be the same material used in the tower bolts. I don't know if they are tightened to their yield, but I doubt it because they are tightened with a torque wrench if  I'm not mistaken. Either way, follow the manufacturers plan on bolts and do not skimp on what bolts to purchase.

UPDATE: This is a copy from a translation of a Japanese story on the Korean Collapse. The short version -TLDR: Cat Head bolts were changed out to a smaller and weaker version. Link to story

June 10, killed two西橋dong (Inc.) GS GS survey construction tower crane accident in question involved the construction of the outsourcing company.
This accident investigation committee, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation, Korea Occupational Safety and Health Authority under the Ministry of Labour, (stock) to participate in Korea Occupational Safety. The only private research organization of these (strain), Korea Industrial Safety, GS outsourcing company that has itself as an institution per year utility construction inspection. So construction union "has been the case study happens to leave the outrageous murderer" has been criticized.
Moreover, the construction union member organizations other than the State Department worried that the investigation of the case as it hides all interested parties. Industrial Safety and Health Authority, was passed by the tower crane design approval of an improved type of low strength bolts.
The tower crane accident happened CTT 561-1A is, CTT equipped modified after being imported into the country 516 models are equipped, they were equipped with low-grade deformed bolt type type type from the pin. However, occupational safety and health corporation on September 17, 2004, approved the design of this equipment grated pass.
Oh Hiteku construction union chief external relations, "features a thin bolt is true, from a pin method / 3 about the weak" and "accident happened in 1997 was broken bolt so well," he explained. Tower cranes are used in particular crash site, which currently is running 10 in the nation, adding that the situation can not exclude the disaster.
Despite the structural flaws of the equipment, occupational safety and health approved by the corporation and thus inspection, GS will be participating in the Korea Occupational Safety and Accident Investigation of construction contractors, the survey results were unbelievable. Construction union said: "We can expect comedy and transparent investigation" and that "this field study is likely to be concealed as bad management of equipment suppliers," the statement said.
In addition, the investigation into the accident that eliminated many trade union advisory experience in the field, see the construction union can not cover up the incident because the suspect] has been refuted. Oh Hiteku director, "the union could not accept requests to join the investigation continued," and "on the tower crane accident in a foreign country is not too hard, but must also resolve the fundamental problem we will of Not enough, "his voice raised.
Currently, the union construction tower cranes on a frequent accidents "are mushrooming hundreds of equipment leasing company, from maintenance and repair of equipment are not investing in the competition by dumping blood" has been said.
Since construction equipment management law in 2007, has been designated as one reason to be delegated to private bodies entrusted inspection from the Land.That the rampant money because loose testing private inspection organizations in the field.
For this construction union "of the Land, the test should be leaving any time of the accident-prone company and get to present a comprehensive management plan for the introduction of a demerit system," he said.
Translation / censure: Yasuda (Yu) 
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