Monday, November 15, 2010

January 26th, 2009

Turkey, A Self Erecting Tower Crane was dumped over in an apparent overload. The only source I have is the video itself which lists the upload date of the January the 26th 2009, and the language of the type is Turkish. I don't know any other details.

Looking at the accident I notice that the person taking the video is standing off to the side in a smart location behind another building. Why would he be standing there, videoing at random, unless they knew that they were about to overload the crane? You would need someone to back off the Over Turning Moment limits, intentionally. Then you might have someone scale out the load and assume that you are within the limits. The difficult part is that when you ride the theoretical limits on a Self-Erector, you aren't likely to account for shock loading. Most self-erectors are anything but smooth operationally. I've watched the outriggers get light during a limit test at the tip. The crane was cutting out and the operator kept trying to hoist up and the perfect frequency of the hoist up and cut out began leading to a bounce that made my hair stand up. Fortunately the technician with him told him to stop it because he was abusing the crane. Even then, make an effort to be smooth about it.

Rely on the limits at 100% of the rated load only.

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