Thursday, November 4, 2010

September 25th, 2008

Molfetta, Italy A tower crane collapsed injuring no one. The cause is listed a mechanical, but given computer translations, that could mean anything. The crane appears to be a small crane sitting on a modern cross base complete with ballast, knee braces and even a climber down at the base. The counterweights sitting on the tower  appear to be an older design, shaped like an inverted T. These older weights were often found on Older PECCO or Peiners on the 170's and some 180's (US Designation). The rest of the counter jib and the Tower top don't match that model or anything else that I would recognize.

Since mechanical failure is listed, it could run from a run away trolley that overloaded the crane to a broken weld in the cross base. From what is shown, I don't see a way to tell, I'm just glad that no one got hurt in the accident.

Edit: I found that I didn't look at all of my info that I had found before I posted this. As I was closing it out, I realized that it isn't Balice Poland as I had originally noted but it was in Molfetta Italy in a area known as Balice. I also noticed that I have a video about the accident as well that may lend some clarity. At one point it sounds as if the reporter is talking about a computer and then I hear quatro. If anyone speaks Italian, and can clear it up, have at it. But was the crane overloaded due to a computer or computer set up issue?

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