Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 Years Ago

Zibo China, A tower crane was filmed as it was down after either moving gravel or concrete using a concrete bucket. The crane appears to be new in condition and design, but it also appears to be Chinese or Korean. What's interesting is that the link lists the video as the "kindergarten" accident from October 10th, 2008. Clearly it isn't the same crane, so I'm not sure where it's from. I couldn't get the video to load into Blogger or YouTube, so here is a link to the original. 

What strikes me about the video is that the crane has the climber left at the top. Often crane manufacturers only allow this if the crane is at least two tower sections below its maximum free standing height either from ground or tie in. The added mass can overload the crane as well as the added surface subject the crane to more wind load. From an operational standpoint, I simply wouldn't want a climber in my line of sight. This is especially true if I were on a crane of significant height because it would block my view. Sometimes due to the tie-in schedule it's the way to go, but for most jobs, it would just be easier to send it down and grab it on the way up next time. What are we talking about, 30 minutes of work for it to be better for the crane and the operator?


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