Thursday, December 16, 2010

February 10th, 2009

Palencia, Spain. Juan Jesus Sanchez Chapels, 58 years old, was killed after being knocked to the ground  by the crane working on his job site. The translation of the story makes me assume that he was hit by the block of the crane as it swung by. You are welcome to see if you gather something else out of it if you speak Spanish. Link

Job sites are constantly transforming as the job goes on. Operators are running at timing and speeds that they have been used to for weeks at a time. You might have been stuck on one floor for a couple of weeks depending on how it's going, it's size and the schedule. So you get lulled into habit operating just as you might fall into habit driving near your home. If something changes, you might not notice it the first time by. Well if floors are being built or scaffolding is going up and a man is standing on it to build it or work from it, and you are used to hoisting up for 17 seconds before you can swing, and are looking ahead for the location of your bellman instead of where your hook is, that man might be higher than you have seen and the next thing you know, you've knocked him off the scaffolding. Of course, I'm just talking this out from the limited details shown.  

Grúa accidente en Palencia

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