Tuesday, January 18, 2011

June 14th, 2010

Lyubertsy, Ukraine. A Tower Crane on a large project fell over backwards landing on a building's roof. Hopefully the building stopped the crane up high enough to prevent the operator from being killed.

The only source that I have of the accident is this video which appears to be from a cell phone. The pictures are terrible so here comes my wild speculation from what I can see. I see a jib laying on the ground in front of where I would normally expect the crane to be standing. It makes me immediately wonder if the jib structurally failed under load and caused the crane to be shock loaded backwards. Imagine being loaded heavily to the front and if the entire crane lets go, no all of the counter weight is on the back side pulling you back but you just instantly released the load on the front jib. This would cause the mast to fail at the base just as it appears to have done so in this video.

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