Wednesday, February 18, 2009

February 17th 2009

Dubai UAE In what appears to be a Liebherr 132 (US designation) a fire breaks out in the control panel. This panel would be just behing the crane operator. The electrical fire spread and burned the entire cab leaving a plume of smoke. The operator in the process decided to go up to the top of the crane instead of down for one reason or another. The best option would have been to call down, have power shut down at the base and in most cases just get out and evac the job site. Ther operator prefferably climbing down. This operator ended up on the jib of the crane speaking jibberish about his potential death being God's will. There is a root cause to search out and I assure you there is nothing miraculous about it. I had a transformer catch on fire on me once in a cab but was able to kill power before it became a serious problem. When I called down to my bellman to say "Hold on, my cab is on fire." He asked me to repeat. It's an oddity but possible. Electrical cabinets must be kept clear, clean, and wired to manufacturers specifications. But if you are an operator, just have power killed and try to get down it the fire is beyond you putting it out. 
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