Wednesday, January 12, 2011

October 6th, 2007

Russia. A large Self-Erecting crane went down in Russia. The building that it was working on appears to be in the process of being built. I don't see a roof and the adjacent building that is of the same type of construction is a few floors behind it. Notice that there no crane down on that building, and the roof on this one doesn't appear to be complete. Is this just another Russian crane on rails that doesn't have the shut off ramp to prevent travelling too far? Did it hit buffers or stops or just run right off a set of rails? Of course the crane is destroyed, but I can't imagine that the chances of surviving a crash like one are very good. It hit hard enough to bend up a cab simply from the shock.

I don't know the exact cause. There is a video of the news coverage linked here. I wasn't able to download the RUTube video format, so you'd have to check it out there. If you speak Russian, maybe there is more information for you in the News Story.

Русские строительного крана падает в-стрит

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