Friday, June 6, 2008

October 19th 2006

London Luffing tower crane suffers a jib collapse. It's reported that there were no deaths. Apparently there were 6 tower cranes on this one site. One tower crane managed to make contact with another and the side loading caused this collapse.

It's easy to get complacent and I'm embarassed to say I've made contact with the lines of a fellow crane operator on a multi crane site. We had been talking and failed to do so once and the next thing you know I developed a case of complacency. In congested cities where multiple jobs are going on at once, you need to be aware of other cranes and insist on crane to crane radios. I substitute operated a crane on a site with a new crane neighbor. No note was left about being able to reach the neighboring crane. I nearly swung into him because we had no contact and I was not aware he could get into my airspace. Avoid too many cranes and stay on top of it.

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